About Brigid:

Brigid has always had affection for making things by hand. She received an MFA from Boston University and her BA from University of California, Santa Cruz. Brigid has a Graphic and Interactive Design Certificate from UC Berkeley. Currently, she spends her time between Colorado and California. She is always working on something in her studio and sketchbook wherever she is. Usually it's in the San Francisco Bay Area or the Colorado Front Range. She has an appreciation for special mugs, delicious bread, the good people in her life, and any occasion that involves eating nachos.

About Art, Illustration and Design:

I used to think I needed to keep these things categorized and sometimes separate, but through my practices I find that there is a lot of overlap in sensibilities, aesthetic and skill. I am now housing these things under one roof here on this site. This includes my time with the blog and as an educator. I think artist Joan Brown says it best, “I’m not any one thing: I’m not just a teacher, I’m not just a mother, I’m not just a painter, I’m all of these things plus, and the more areas I can tap, the richer each one of the others will be.”

Artist Statement

In the studio I investigate the way we live through the world, how we make sense of it, communicate to it, and the way we speak to one another through visual forms, symbols, and language. I consider things that happen each day and record the banality and the particulars of daily occurrences. I am interested in both the intimate details of an object, a feeling, a corner in the room, a single breath along with the entire scope of us all behaving. I believe in making images and objects that raise questions about the world we live in today, where it's going and where we've been.


Need to know more? Exhibition resume, or curious about what I ate for breakfast, contact me!