We have a thing for glass jars in this household. And by we, I mean me. As a result, they are used for just about everything. Some examples: hair clips, salt, yarn, buttons, food, spices, paperclips, and more! I came across this tip in the ReadyMade book when I was at our library. Excited by this I went to our cupboard and realized that some jars already have the measurements on the glass. Hooray! With that being said I wanted to do this anyway.


What will you need? A jar, permanent marker, water, and accurate measuring source.

  • Begin with an accurate measurement for liquid. I did 1/4 cup increments.
  • Measure with water in your accurate measuring container, pour in jar, then with  mark what the volume is.
  • Keep going with whatever measurements you want. The jar is the limit!

I am not in love with the permanent marker application, and I fear it will begin to fade over time. I think this idea may be revisited with new materials. Plus I need to make one with 1/3 cup increments. When I take some soup or tea with me to go, I now know how much I am actually consuming!