I live with a cat I have had for the last 15 years and she is a quirky beast like most cats, and usually keeps to herself. She has been a decent housemate. Apparently she wanted to mix things up a bit, and I found my cell phone charger cord chewed through ( shame on you, cat! ) About two days later I found my headphones chewed into two pieces. ( shame on me. ) I went to the pet store to find something attractive for her to paw and chew on. Something with feathers? Yes. Something with catnip? Yes, please. Something with strings on it? Definitely! I laid those out in her favorite places for her to stare at and do nothing with. I proceeded to keep all cords I use regularly tucked in my beanies on the bookshelf only to pull out and plug in at hard to reach cat like places. Knowing I didn't want that to be a long term solution I decided to make something I could leave out in between the day to day running around. All that back story to tell you about this pocket I made.

  • Gather materials: 2 pieces of felt, embroidery floss, needle, safety pins, scissors.
  • My pink felt was 8 x 12 inches. The beige one was a scrap, and roughly 8 x 3 1/2 inches. It was a scrap, and not cut evenly, but I am leaving it that way.
  • Fold larger size of felt with enough at the top from the bottom side for a flap, if you wish to have one. I wished for a flap on the top.
  • Place smaller piece of felt where you want the bottom of the pocket to be.
  • Stitch the piece of smaller felt along the side, bottom and then the other side. Leave to top open, if you wish to make your pocket a reality.
  • Sew on edges to secure sides.

Done! You could add a snap, or a button, if you wish. I am leaving mine like this because when I put the goods in I tend to fold it again and slide it into my bag. I am glad I put this together, as I now know the cords are in a safe place.  It's already come in handy from table top to bag very quickly. You could use this pocket for just about anything you want to tuck away for safety, hide from others, or the feline species.

In case you were curious, the cat seems like she could care less about a pretty, felted pocket laying around the house.