It's that time of year when I want to be productive and dive into projects it might take me years to finish. It's also that time when the kiddos have a few days off of school and the weather makes indoor activities inviting. I had a pile of my old reject monotype prints that were in need of a new life. I invited myself and the kids to cut leaves, or hands out of them. This a a great activity for all to get involved, and the end result could take many different forms. It's up to you.

  • Cut out shapes of leaves, or trace your hand and cut that. We used Rives BFK paper, which is one of my favorites. Depending on the life you want this to take when it is done, and what media you will apply to it will dictate what type of paper you should use.
  • Don't know how to draw a leaf? Go for a walk and hopefully you can find one to trace around. You may have needed to start this part a little earlier this fall, if you live someplace where winter is making an appearance.
  • Collect desired amount of cut paper.
  • You could do just about anything at this point with your cut shapes such as draw on them, paint them, collage them. We decided to to a little paint and ink bath. Despite how organized this photo may look it is a good idea to have generous room for drying the shapes when done.
  • When dry, we wrote what we are grateful or thankful for on one of the sides of the shape. We are thankful for much more than what got written down on the shapes.
  • With a sharp needle and embroidery floss we strung them together.
  • In this house it's preferred to walk through and amongst decorations more so than having them viewed out of touch on the wall.


What are you thankful for this year?