When you were a child, I'm pretty sure you played with playdough. Either someone in your life made it at home, or you got that yellow tub from the store that is name brand. If you were like me, you may have been tempted to taste it. I remember one time my mom made homemade playdough, which I can tell you tasted pretty salty. This is a great way to spend a cold day, or a rainy afternoon (any day really), if you have little folks who need to be tactile!

  • That's really about it (read above), but I'll show you too. 
  • Measure your ingredients.
  • Have pan on low-medium heat. 
  • Mix. Mix. Mix. Stir. Stir. Stir. 
  • You will know you are going in the right direction when you hit what I call "the mashed potato" phase.
  • It will stick to itself and away from the pan. If you feel like you are getting crusty dough from the pan, it's OK. Stir faster and turn down heat, if it's especially crusty. 
  • At this point remove from heat. You can always turn it back on, if it's too much like a batter. 
  • Note: I have also done this in a Pyrex container in the microwave heating up 2-3 minutes at a time. Mixing and checking. 
  • Place in container. We use different containers for each color. 
  • Add coloring of your choice to your dough. We did use food coloring, as we had some lingering in the house that we are trying to use up. 
  • There is no shortage of things you can do with clay and dough. Here are some of our go to's: tortilla maker (see below), cookie cutters, make beads with a toothpick, color mixing. 
  • Tortilla maker with playdough
  • Beads after drying, then strung. They have a salty finish.