I have only made one quilt in my life and it is warm, cozy, and I reused old fabric, but the craftsmanship was nothing to show off. I have now made a second quilt for someone's birthday. Although it is better than my first the sewing craft, it is something I really need to work on improving.


Inspired by this mini quilt of the month from The Purl Bee I began collecting old clothing worn by myself, or the child, or anything else worthy and relevant for the quilt. I used the above mentioned quilt as guideline for the pattern.

Because sewing for me is very slow going, I began cutting strips of fabric earlier in 2013 and every now and then I would bring it out and work on it. This usually involved a day saying unpleasant things to my sewing machine followed by an evening of saying "My eyes hurt. They feel so tired."


The cat usually gets pretty enthusiastic about projects when thread and string are involved. I remind her how unhelpful she is in assisting with this project.


The hand stitching to secure all layers of the quilt felt like the most time consuming, but maybe that is because you feel so close to being done at that point. Like any quilt each panel tells a story and has a unique origin and journey into our lives. I used an old flat sheet for the neutral panels in between.


Could the sewing be improved and the overall shape not be wonky?


Has it been sewn like crazy to make sure it won't fall apart in multiple washes and inevitably being used as a cape at some point?