I live with two young people who are truly enjoying their sensory development. I like to encourage that from time to time with unexpected projects. I was inspired by seeing a post on Rainbow Worms from the Tot Treasures blog. I will tell you that the thing that appealed to me most was that we already had all of the materials in house already!


If you can boil pasta, (congratulations!) you can make rainbow worms. You will need: pasta, pot, water, food coloring. We used spaghetti.

  • Cook pasta as instructed
  • Drain (in case that is not in your instructions) 
  • Let cool down enough to touch it and move into different piles. Create as many piles as you want variety of colors. In the above case we did 6. 
  • Use food coloring drops to create desired colors. 

We enjoyed not fully mixing the colors into the worms. In purple this created a very authentic worm color. I'll make note of that in case I ever need to create more authentic fake worms.  


Knots were made, rainbows and houses were built, cutting and using silverware also made an appearance.  We have a vermicomposter and there were lots of jokes of feeding the worms to the worms! We kept the worms in the jars in the fridge and revisited throughout the week.