I have seen these and always wanted to have the experience of making them. Someone gave me a pair for our kiddo and they were wonderful, beautiful, and the kind of thing I will keep so I can show my child how small their feet were. They are so tiny at one point and then they grow and grow and it seems to happen so fast!

There were a few patterns to consider, and I think someday I will make them all! I will compare and make notes. Something for a later post. I am tempted to make a pair of ones for around the house, but I know I will be choosy on how they fit and behave.

For this particular pair I used the pattern for Felt Baby Shoes from  When I went to grab my materials, I noticed that the elastic I had appears to be very old. I am thinking it has been existing in the sew box since my childhood. The upside is the elastic was still up for the job!


Once you have your materials. Cut out from the pattern. This size is for 3-6 month baby.


Just like so!

Make your markings and get ready to sew. I usually take pictures of work in progress, but these were so quick. I was doing other things while sewing these before I knew it they were done!


Viola! Little shoes for a little little lady!