Thanksgiving always provides the moments of being thankful for those in our life that make us who we are. We can celebrate those in our lives with delicious food and good company. There is nothing more easy and simple than just pen and paper. I find this exercise is an easy way to dress up the table, be spontaneous and get some drawing practice in. 

You will need:

  • pen, but any drawing material will do.
  • paper the size of a placemat. 

You can spend a moment making these before company arrives to set up your table. You can also provide your guests and family with blank sheets of paper to make their own placemats. This is a GREAT activity for kids. Here are some examples. 

placemat drawing.jpg

Drawing the basics.

fork goes on the left.jpg

The reminders.

fancy table scaping.jpg

The formal and the fancy.

giving thanks.jpg

Giving thanks.

There was nothing precious or fancy about this paper. It was in our oversized paper pile. Should you find yourself with some larger pieces of paper you could even make a table cloth out of it!

May you all have a beautiful Thanksgiving!