I'd like to tell you that the only paint we use in the household is hand ground pigment that comes from the earth, but I can't. Maybe someday I will reach that point! The realities with the kiddos is that they receive thoughtful gifts. One of those things has been markers. I think it is a common shared experience that at some point in your life you have gone to draw with a marker only to get that drab, dry, chalky effect on your paper. In the spirit of using every morsel of everything until it's death I am going to tell you one more thing to do with that marker before you toss it into the landfill!

  • Get your dry marker
  • Place it into a container that has a secure lid
  • Put some water into it
  • Place the marker in the container. Let the marker bleed the remaining color into the water. This may take an hour, or you could leave it overnight. 

This was after a few hours. I then took the marker out and placed the lid on the container to be put aside for the next time we were going to paint.


Then painting can begin. The bright pink in the middle is NOT the watercolor marker paint. The lighter pink everywhere else is. This is a painting in progress of a bat going for some saguaro cactus fruit. 

It's a great way of extending the life of a marker that is not longer up to the task of a juicy drawing utensil! If you find yourself with a bunch of different colors of markers, you could use it as a color steeping exercise. Make your own custom colors!