With Earth Day right around the corner it's a good time to reflect on a simple change that can have a great outcome. In this case it's the toothbrush. So many end up in our landfills! I just bought some toothbrushes for the household made from sustainable bamboo. The nice thing is that the cost of these aren't anymore expensive than the average toothbrush. 


I got these ones from Izola. You can also find eco-friendly toothbrushes at The Environmental Toothbrush too. The ones from Izola come in different forms. Some have numbers or months on the handle. I got the 'Guest' ones because they were all sold out of the others. Plus this way it will be helpful to have an extra one on hand for a guest!


Just an example of a small change that has the potential to have a big impact. Make your grill super sparkly. Happy Brushing!