Did you know that today is Teacher's Day? If you have a special teacher, or mentor in your life, today is a good day to give them some extra attention. Mother's Day is just around the corner too! There is no shortage of things one can make for the special people in their lives, but sometimes having a fun activity helps. 

We have a decent stash of beads around here. It's rare that we find ourselves at the bead store without bringing something home. We have made an effort to steer away from plastic beads over the years. I find the glass, and natural stones more luminous and versatile. 

Beading and making something one can wear is pretty fun for any age, but children are naturals at it. I find that sorting colors, creating patterns and stringing the beads all comes natural to young children. Depending on the age of the child some things take longer than others. Will it take some time? You betcha! Have to do it more than one sitting? Probably!


Begin with a stash of beads! We lay ours out on a dishtowel to contain them. This also helps for lifting up the edges and pouring the beads back into the place from which they came. 


If you are making a pattern, lay it out. If you have a charm in the middle, it helps to know where that is going to be placed. Make sure you have enough of your chosen beads. Then prep your string. This may require more tools and gadgets, if you are doing something with wire and clasps. We went pretty low tech on this one and just had some string with a decent knot at the end.

Begin stringing the beads along!


When you are done, you tie another knot. Then tie those knots together and you got yourself a necklace, or a bracelet, or whatever you were aiming for. The above two were made by a young student for some special teachers!

The best part for me about watching these unfold and come to life is how lovely and unpredictable they are.