In attempt to clean out the closet and repurpose material I thought it would be a good project to make a "rag rug" out of some knit findings. We also don't own any bathmats, and I thought this might be an inspired way to combine these two things. It began with some t-shirts that had holes in them. My shirts love to get tiny holes right where my belt buckle is! There are a few ways to make these. One would be to braid strips of material and then sew the braids in the form of a rug. The ones I have seen of those are beautiful. For my rags and my time, I was fine to create as a go and went the crocheting route.


What you will need:

  • old shirts, pillow cases, etc. I found knits with a little stretch were the easiest to work with.
  • scissors
  • crochet hook. I used a 12.0 mm. I went searching for one bigger, but this one worked fine!

Once you have your raw material cut it into 1/2 inch - 1 inch strips you want to work with. Try to cut the fabric in a way that gives you the longest strip possible. You will then add the fabric together. 


You have your strips of fabric that is cut.


Place the two strips of fabric on top of one another and make a small cut near the top.


Then bring the bottom of the top strip and place inside the hole you created. Then pull through.


Then you will have one continuous line of fabric to work with.

Once you have a long enough string to work with you can begin creating your rug. I did this by doing a slip knot, then beginning with a circle and then just doing the basic crochet stitch all around. The experience is pretty organic and I would just repeat rows, or move around based on where I wanted the color to be. When I find myself stuck in crochet work and stitches, I refer to this Harmony Guide: Basic Crochet Stitches


I really embraced the raggy-ness of this project. It's lumpy in some spots and not perfect by any means. When I was with it, I trimmed up the back of the work where any loose scraps of fabric were hanging out. I also had any of the lump parts from the way you knot the fabric together to sit on the backside. I was hoping to keep going with the white, but in the spirit of the reused fabric, I wasn't going to gather some to complete the project. 

This rug is just the right size for what we needed in the bathroom. In case you were curious this was made out of 3 t-shirts, one cloth napkin, and one and half of an old pillow case. It's approximately 1.5 feet x 2. Now that I have made one I think the next time I try to set this up it will be a little easier. It took me a while to get adjusted to the large fabric and large crochet hook.