I know I have been talking a lot about felt lately. I suppose that is because I just discovered it's versatility. A while ago (back in May) we had a day that called for some brightness and adventure, so we went exploring. The kiddos and myself found ourselves at Fancy Tiger Crafts, a boutique craft store in Colorado. Open to some happy distractions we picked up a few treats to work with. I am not one that gets excited about kits in regards to art and craft, but one kiddo was especially drawn to these felted animal kits. 


This little box came with all the material and the tools to make a felted animal, so I obliged. It came with instructions to make one large one, or two small ones. This kiddo wanted to make 2! 


The tools are pretty basic: the felting needle, a foam block, a toothpick, and the felt. This was a good opportunity to talk about needle safety, since you work closely with the felt, and the needle making these little creatures. 


First Whale


Second Whale

These are a little less rotund than the example photo on the box, but charming little sea creatures none the less. Somehow there was extra black felt, so these whales got a little hair do. This sparked interest in making more, so we have been looking at this book Wool Buddies by Jackie Huang for some inspiration. I am sure there will be more soft creations on the horizon!