This week we were honoring teacher appreciation week this week. Sometimes it's a challenge get something special for all the people who interact, encourage and engage in the kiddo's lives daily weekly and so on. Without a doubt we appreciate all these people VERY MUCH! 

This particular gift also overlaps nicely with Valentine's Day. 

I have made truffles in the past, but this particular time I bought my go to chocolate truffles from Whole Foods Market.

What you need:

  • truffles, or something equally special
  • small canning jars
  • paper
  • pen


Truffle Jars

I just use regular drawing paper and I use the jar lid as a stencil. Make as many circles as you need jars, then cut out and write your message.

truffle gifts

Fill jar with truffles, then place jar lid, paper, and jar ring around. Repeat as needed!

truffle jar gifts

The kiddos then sign there name. If you are doing this for Valentine's Day, you can put sweet love notes on your jar to give to your Valentine!

Happy Valentine's!

Happy Appreciations!