Although it doesn't quite feel like fall just yet, I'm ready for apples and pumpkins to start sprinkling in. Today I was getting some groceries and all the fall treats were there! This book Apple by Nikki McClure celebrates the seasons beautifully. 

fall apple

This is a great book to sit down with young readers. It gives you the chance to sound out one word and enjoy the illustrations. 

wait apple

These illustrations were created by using black paper and cutting away with an X-acto knife. I like figuring out how all these fine lines are connected to the imagery when looking at the book. 

spring apple

This book was originally made by hand and promoted by Nikki McClure at local bookstores. It's wonderful seeing this idea have a second life.


It was a BUSY summer. I hope to slowly but surely add some bits and pieces of what's been happening here. Traveling can be fantastic, but also it can be tiring. One of the ways we have utilized downtime when traveling is making homemade postcards. It's a great way to record things you've seen and share that with family and friends. Plus you get the bonus of sending mail. Who doesn't love receiving something unexpected in the mailbox?

The great thing about these is it doesn't take much to pack or prepare for this. Have some sturdy paper that you cut down to size. We do 4"x6". You'll want to check your dimensions because if it's larger than what USPS uses for postcard postage you will pay more. Choose a medium that won't get messy in the handling and mailing process like colored pencils or markers. Once you've designed the cover of the card, flip it over to write a message, address it, and send it off! 

homemade postcards

I make sure we have some postcard stamps with our paper and pens before the trip, so we don't have any reason to delay mailing these.