The air is turning crisp here, so it invites knitting projects. In 2014 there has been many new babes that are coming into our world. My go to is a knitted hat because it is practical and functional. It's something I can squeeze in a few minutes here and there in the busy routine. I have hard time giving a pattern because I usually just wing my knitted hats and scarves, so I will tell you what I did in this scenario. Also, it all depends on your needles and yarn. I would say these are easy to make if you are comfortable with knitting and have made a few things already. The circular needles do most of the work.

  • Clover Takumi, bamboo size 10 1/2 6.5mm 16" circular knitting needles
  • Manos Del Uruguay Classic Handspun Semi Solids
  • Brittany 5" double sided needles. Size 4-5
  • scissors
  • crochet hook
  • yarn

I cast on about 60 stitches give or take. I usually do the first row as a purl stitch all the way around. Then I do the knit stitch. If in a few rows you find that this is looking a little wide, you will want to decrease a stitch as you go to get it to slim out. Then I knit. I knit until I have a shape that is more or less as tall as it is wide. Something squarish. Then you decrease every 10 stitches until your work gets tight. How I do this is I decrease the first two stitches, count that as 1 and 2 (while decreasing), 3, 4, 5...go to ten as usual knit stitches. Decrease the next 1 and 2, count to 10 and repeat. You follow me? Then it eventually gets smaller, and tighter. This is where I will start to continue knitting with the double sided needles and begin decreasing every 7 or 8 stitches. Once that gets tight, I count every 5 stitches, then 4,then 3, then 2, your left with one stitch. I do this pretty organically that I guess the confidence comes with experience. I have made a handful of hats in my day and I tend to not like the way the knitted seams look, so I avoid them in my decreasing methods. I cut the remainder of the string and then pull it through tight. Your done! This is where you can decide how you want the little pointy top to look. 

knitted baby hats

Keeping the above method and lack of pattern above I will explain the differences between these three. 

Left: about 1/3 up I added another yarn thread of multi color into the mix. When I was done with the hat, it had two strings sticking up. I then cut 8 more pieces of yarn about 3 1/2 inches and then looped them into the top of the hat with a crochet hook and tied a knot. A little festivity on top!

Middle: One color knitted all the way to the top.

Right: A multi color yarn that changed colors as it went and left one dangle of a string on top. 

These hats are soft and cozy and made out of 100% wool, which means it will shrink if not washed cold and carefully. If this hat does make a journey to the washing machine and dryer, that's ok. You will just have a really lovely doll hat for the kiddo to use!


I have seen these and always wanted to have the experience of making them. Someone gave me a pair for our kiddo and they were wonderful, beautiful, and the kind of thing I will keep so I can show my child how small their feet were. They are so tiny at one point and then they grow and grow and it seems to happen so fast!

There were a few patterns to consider, and I think someday I will make them all! I will compare and make notes. Something for a later post. I am tempted to make a pair of ones for around the house, but I know I will be choosy on how they fit and behave.

For this particular pair I used the pattern for Felt Baby Shoes from  When I went to grab my materials, I noticed that the elastic I had appears to be very old. I am thinking it has been existing in the sew box since my childhood. The upside is the elastic was still up for the job!


Once you have your materials. Cut out from the pattern. This size is for 3-6 month baby.


Just like so!

Make your markings and get ready to sew. I usually take pictures of work in progress, but these were so quick. I was doing other things while sewing these before I knew it they were done!


Viola! Little shoes for a little little lady!