It was a BUSY summer. I hope to slowly but surely add some bits and pieces of what's been happening here. Traveling can be fantastic, but also it can be tiring. One of the ways we have utilized downtime when traveling is making homemade postcards. It's a great way to record things you've seen and share that with family and friends. Plus you get the bonus of sending mail. Who doesn't love receiving something unexpected in the mailbox?

The great thing about these is it doesn't take much to pack or prepare for this. Have some sturdy paper that you cut down to size. We do 4"x6". You'll want to check your dimensions because if it's larger than what USPS uses for postcard postage you will pay more. Choose a medium that won't get messy in the handling and mailing process like colored pencils or markers. Once you've designed the cover of the card, flip it over to write a message, address it, and send it off! 

homemade postcards

I make sure we have some postcard stamps with our paper and pens before the trip, so we don't have any reason to delay mailing these.


Like anything in the household sometimes it's nice to have something homemade. In the past I have used glass paint and porcelain paint, but they can have an odor to them. Also, the consistency of the ones I have used has been very thick and difficult to maneuver especially for little hands. I heard about doing this using sharpies and we thought we would take a stab at it. 

You will need:

  • ceramic or porcelain of some kind. we used items we had around the house.
  •  sharpie markers

Begin by washing and drying your object, and plan what you want this to look like. I admit that I didn't give much thought to what these were going to look like. I wanted to just see how the sharpie would hold up during this process.

Once you have colored your chosen areas you are ready to bake in the oven at 350 degrees for 30 minutes. I am not sure if this process is food safe, so we stayed away areas that touch the food. 

When the 30 minutes is up carefully pull out of oven and let cool someplace safe before you handle them. It should only take about 30 minute to cool. It's best to hand wash these, but we have tested them in the dishwasher and they have been fine. I imagine the dishwasher will wear down the drawing sooner than hand washing will. We shall see. Enjoy your new custom piece!

Note: Since making these, the one that had a lot of ink on it didn't hold up as well. I assume it's because there was a lot of marker over marker, which made it less stable. Washing by hand helps a lot too.