Although it doesn't quite feel like fall just yet, I'm ready for apples and pumpkins to start sprinkling in. Today I was getting some groceries and all the fall treats were there! This book Apple by Nikki McClure celebrates the seasons beautifully. 

fall apple

This is a great book to sit down with young readers. It gives you the chance to sound out one word and enjoy the illustrations. 

wait apple

These illustrations were created by using black paper and cutting away with an X-acto knife. I like figuring out how all these fine lines are connected to the imagery when looking at the book. 

spring apple

This book was originally made by hand and promoted by Nikki McClure at local bookstores. It's wonderful seeing this idea have a second life.


I am going to begin something new on this blog. I began this blog with the purpose of recording processes, projects and resources. I find books are just another component to that. I have begun cleaning out some things around the home. Our books certainly are one of the things we love and have many of. Plus this way when I am searching my mind for that book "that has that thing about that place and has great examples of stuff" I can refer to it here. Know what I mean? So let's begin.

Press Here by Herve Tullet is a wonderful interactive book for young kids.  

It's a pretty exciting book, so you might want to suggest taking turns when reading it to multiple kids.

This book is a great example of something that gets you immediately invested in what is going to happen with these dots on the page.

This book is also a great introduction to the primary colors yellow, blue and red.

This has become a go to gift giving book for those I am sure don't have it. It does not disappoint!