Needlepoint has a way of slowing me down. Way down. I usually underestimate how long something in needlework will take me. I started this portrait needlepoint in September 2013 thinking I could finish in by October 2013. Ha! When that wasn't  going to happen (not even close), I decided to take my sweet time on it. I finished it last March. It is my 6 month needlepoint. Probably the first one I have ever started and finished. I know I started plenty when I was younger.

It begins with a simple drawing. I was excited about making these custom portraits and thought I would make one for a little girl I know. It's best to get graph paper to begin this process. It helps you form your drawing to the grid and plan on the space and shapes that will be translated onto the needlepoint.


When I began this process, I didn't do a great job documenting each step. Once you have a drawing you feel suits as a good guide, you can draw it on your material. You are going to have to use your imagination here, since I don't have the drawing on material fully documented. I also altered the drawing background between beginning the drawing and the needlepoint. This child requested a pink sky, clouds and a sun.


I also taped the edges to keep them from fraying. You can also stitch them to keep them from fraying too, which is probably the proper, old world way of doing it. Then you just stitch, stitch, stitch. You will think it will never end, but it will. It does. 


Here is the finished piece. It's 6" x 9".  There you go!