If you are a regular reader, you might have gathered that I seem to be into needlework this year. I think it has lent itself nicely to have something I can work on while traveling with me. I used to do that with knitting, but these days making pictures with thread has been way more appetizing. I recently finished a needlepoint that took me 8 months to do. You can stay tuned for a future post on that. In any case I did not follow a traditional pattern for that, and it has been YEARS since I have. Maybe the last time that was tempting I was my 9 year old self? There was talk of this stitchalong by steotch, which caught my eye. I thought that would be the perfect way to follow a pattern and keep me interested in what it is I am creating. 

The patterns are being unleashed every week or so over the summer. I figured if I can stick to the assigned portion of the pattern, I can finish something by the end of summer. It will be my own little stitching summer camp. The mystery stitchalong does not disappoint, as little jokes are already finding their way into the pdf's!

Here is my round one.


Any guesses on what it might be?

P.S. I found out about Steotch not from the craft community, but after seeing a joke in cross stitch form on twitter from one of my favorite podcasts, Professor Blastoff.  Hooray for the internet!