I have two children and for their birthdays I like to make something homemade that is practical for them to use and enjoy. I came across Mimi Kirchner  via Purl Soho's Purl Bee, and I was inspired to make a doll of our own.  I made the first doll (photographed on the right) about a year ago. It was an instant success. I made the dress to be able to go on and of, which is naturally the first thing to come off! I have only had to repair it once (on the button to attached to the leg), which I will attribute to the fact that I am not the most amazing skilled hand sewer. I made the first doll with scraps that were around the studio. I made the second (photographed on the left) and finished it last week. There was a request for purple hair and a red dress. This was also made using scraps of felt from leftover projects. I think they will be instant friends!


I admit they look a little more uptight in the photos.   I can tell you they do have a lovely demeanor.


The one on the right has been played with generously, and I think she still looks pretty good!  I am intimidated by sewing projects and specifically making a doll has been on a list of things that I put off for a long time. If you feel the same, this is a great place to start!