We dye eggs every year and for the past few years we added something else to the mix. We make our dyes and place the hard boiled eggs in the baths, and enjoy them! Once all the edible ones are done with their decorative bathing, we use our wooden eggs! We try and get new wooden eggs per year, or I spend time trying to blow out the egg insides of a real egg. The latter usually results in myself gaining a headache and cursing at the egg. Wooden eggs it is!

This time I ordered some and thought "I got a great deal" on these! Only to find when they arrived that they were mini eggs. A blessing in disguise. We don't have any mini eggs up to date.

It takes a while for the dye baths to build color on the wooden eggs, so we use each year as another layer to make the colors stronger. That is, if we so desire.

All that is to say that if you find yourself LOVING the egg dyeing process and wanted to begin a collection for years to come this is one way to do that.

As Fred Astaire says in The Easter Parade with a tip of the hat, "Happy Easter To You!"